The Women of Roslindale - 2020
Who are you?

I have lived in Roslindale for over 25 years and I have witnessed the many amazing contributions that women have made in Roslindale. I am going to document as many women as I can who want to record their contribution in Roslindale’s history. 

I will pull together photos and short bios of the wonderful women who work and live in Roslindale. I will document a special demographic who make our community special day in and day out. Current plans are to self-publish a book that will be for sale with the 10% of the proceeds going to Roslindale Village Main Street.

If you are interested, send me an email to  with “The Women of Roslindale” in the subject line. Include a selfie head shot photo of yourself and a small bio (no more than 100 words) of what you want people to know and remember about you. Note that text over 100 words will be edited at publisher’s discretion. Please include a phone number and where you live or work in Roslindale (this will not be published).

Please share this with others who you think might want to be part of this project, including women who once lived or worked and Roslindale but have moved.

Thank You - Janice Williams